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After being totally freaked out by the scorpion nail trend, it looks like things have mellowed out a bit. Although things aren't totally back to normal, let's just say this new trend is far better than having a dead scorpion chilling on your nails. I'm talking about Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid -- okay, not technically, but this new nail trend is taking us all the way under the sea.
Welcome aquarium nails. While this trend has been around the ocean and back, we are embracing it with open arms and the world of social media didn't fail to do so after Tony Nail's debuted the resurfacing trend that went viral with a whopping 24 million views. Talk about pretty major for a set of nails filled with glitter and sea like art. If you thought these were your typical nails, think again. Aqua tips are actually moving, three dimensional nails. It's a mixture of pretty amazing and 'girl, why?'. If you're into that sort of thing you'll love these, if not -- you can follow my lead and stick with a simple gel mani. If this trend sounds like it's up your alley, keep scrolling and check out Kaycie Kyle show us how it's all done below.

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All of the nail shops I go to are old school and know nothing about this smh
I don't think I would wear them, but I seriously love it!!! I want one of my friends to do it so i can gawk over them lol!
This is a really creative way to get your nails done.
Hahaha will do! @jordanhamilton
lol it's definitely cool and if you ever do happen to get this done, we need pics and a lot of them :) @Jasminep96
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