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I'm not much of a negative person but I felt like this is something I needed to address.


So you can probably tell by the photo above where this rant is going. Yes the wondorous blonde hair that ARMYs have gone crazy for. It has also led to ARMYs actually thinking they have the right to scold people for not bothering to notice him. I just find it really offensive to us Jin stans that have been with Jin with the start. I knew from the moment I joined ARMY who was more popular than who. There was hardly any mention of Jin and you never really heard much. When talking about the songs or MVs you hardly heard anything about him. This is how I felt and for the longest time, I wondered why. So of course I made it my goal to get him out there mord but not much has changed from what I've seen.
That is until these photos came out and everybody went batshit crazy about Jin's hair. And now all of a sudden there are all these posts about "Supporting Jin" and "Give Love To Jin". Now this surprised me because for the longest time half the people who are saying this things hardly gave him the time of day in the past. So for people to talk about how we should all love Jin when they hardly even noticed him is kinda annoying. Especially for us very few Jin stans who have actually been stans since the beginning. And not because of hair color -.-
Now don't get me wrong I'm okay with this hair its just the effect its had that annoys me. All because of a simple hair change people finally noticed how precious and important Jin really is. If that isn't shallow I don't know what is. I would feel better if these people didn't say anything at all instead of being fake like this. This is a phase I guarantee. I'll give it a few weeks before this Jin hype dies out. This sounds sad and all but honestly its the truth and I wish some ARMYs weren't like this. But they are.
Anyway I just had to share my feelings on that because it was just bothering me. Bottom line stop being so shallow ARMY, its a bit sad. Jin doesn't deserve this kind of ignorant attention from eye-hungry fans who want to lift his spirits, just to put him down again. I understand that some people are genuine and I'm thankful for them. But this is just how I feel.
You are free to comment your thoughts about Jin's color change and its effect on the fandom too.
I have always loved and supported Jin from the beginning and im just as annoyed of fake fans finally noticing him too! Like he deserves just as much love as the other members!! But don't us loyal Army have the right to be excited over his new hair color change? Like if Kookie were to go blonde im sure people would go crazy too. Its just annoying how people assume if we post about how we love Jin's new hair color we are automaticly fake fans who have never noticed him before. I personally adore Jin's brown hair and im sure that lots of fans were just surprised on such a drastic change. (P.S I agree with you 100% though!!!)
PREACH! Like wtf if you are just going to put him down when his hair changes then leave it alone. My sister is furious at this issue because she loves Jin very much. Everytime she sees a BTS photo she's just like points out Jin first the makes a whole like miricle speech. lol She's adorable when she's like this. BTW she's 8.
@jgallegos222 @CreeTheOtaku @SarahVanDorn @kmeier230 Hey guys, just ignore her - attitude like this doesn't have a place on Vingle so she'll find her way out of here soon enough. BACK THE REAL IMPORTANT TOPIC: JIN IS BAE.
Its fucked up in my opinion. Like really? We Jin stans tried to get others to join, but those were like "No there is nothing special about him, V is ten times better" or among the lines like that, and now that they pulled a Suga on him, HE'S GETTING ATTENTION? I PREFER THAT HE GETS NONE OF THIS FAKE HOES ATTENTION AND GET LITTLE GENUINE ATTENTION FROM THOSE WHO'VE BEEN WITH HIM SINCE THE BEGINNING
Between you, @MorganElisabeth and @kellyktran1022 I couldn't have said it better myself. I have always biased all of BTS. Some more than others, but I biased them all the same. They all bring so much to the table and I have always admired Jin because of how far he's come. Like, when he first got into BTS he couldn't song that well so they didn't give him many lines. (Much like Youngjae in GOT7.) But he's worked so hard to improve himself and he even works hard on his dancing and still nobody appreciates him. He's just the visual member who really "has nothing to offer" to the group. (I have literally seen someone say that on tumblr.) So to see this influx of fans just because his hair is blonde is really offensive to me because they literally gave zero flying ducks about him before this. So tell me why should I be happy that he has new fans? They're gonna ditch him the moment he changes his hair color. They don't even have anything about that they like besides his hair. Do they even know why they're supporting him? They can take that bullshit back to Walmart where they got it from. If you're gonna bias Jin at least be genuine, because this fake ass shit I'm seeing is for the birds. Why bias somebody and bring their popularity up when the minute something changes you're going to be switching lanes and never looking back? That is beyond hurtful and disrespectful and Jin doesn't deserve that. He has done nothing but try to prove himself to fans and he shouldn't even have to do that because he rightfully earned his place in BTS long before they debuted. And as far as I'm concerned, my opinion is my opinion so if you have a problem with it then keep it to yourself cause just like y'all fake ass fans didn't give a duck about him before this, I don't give a duck about what y'all have to say to me.
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