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I haven't been doing much chapter reviews lately because not much exciting news has been happening in the past few chapters, this is a theory of mine but could we finally be seeing Erza's mom??!??!

In the past chapter the enemy had stated (above as well) "Erza...Scarlet Hair... And this Magic power... " "That Women...It cannot be... Lady Eileen's..." He said that and now in chapter 483 she shows up!!

Lady Eileen Belserion known as THE SCARLET DESPAIR has appeared!! What does this mean?!?? This is my theory but could this be Erza's mom???

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?!??? IF SHE IS WILL SHE JOIN FAIRY TAILS SIDE OR BE COMPLETELY WICKED?? What do you guys think??? She looks just like Erza,doesn't she??
I hope she doesn't switch sides and is a badass villain.
Actually a lot of people think it's her mother that I've seen on here. But to be honest it looks like a mash up of Flare and Erza
I'm not too sure about her being her mom but I know she will be related to Ezra in some way.. We'll see soon
@AlishiaDavis she does! I never would have thought of that, I can't wait till the next chapter to see what happens