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Ok. Honestly I understand the hate....But can't you just forgive and forget. It was in the past and yet still today people curse at him, make fun of him. People even talk about things they know nothing about like below>>>
First of all. If this person even watched the radio show, they'd know that he broke down crying during the show because they asked questions about his parents. No where in this rude comment do they mention that, or the fact that he goes to wipe his eyes after he crumples it up.
Why don't people open their eyes and stop being blatantly rude to him without knowing the facts. I understand he has a past of things that are borderline illigal. IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, when he was young and immature. But people change, nobody who judges him can say that they have NEVER done anything illegal in their lives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So please give him a chance


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I totally agree. People just need to learn how to forgive and forget. I'm sure those same people have made bad decisions when they're were younger so what gives them the right to criticize him. he was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. People maturewhich he has show evidence of doing and it hurts my heart that people can't see how hard he has tried to put the past behind him. Its horrible but I will keep on supporting him no matter what.
I'm sorry but neitizens are getting on my last nerve this year. all I hear is hate on idols and taeyong unfortunately, is one of them. what he did in middle school is in the past. They act like they haven't done anything horrible when they were young and immature. I'm currently in high school and sometimes I find myself doing immature things. I think they need to give up, leave him and other idols alone
I wish people would just leave him alone.
Ok so reading all the comments and everything I only have to say one thing... I don't know who this guy is or what group he hails from if any at all... He is human just like the rest of us... Holding a grudge hurts no one but the person holding the grudge... Yes you may never forget what happened but if you don't forgive you are hurting no one but yourself... I was bullied so bad in high school that I tried to commit suicide so many times, if it wasn't for my foster siblings finding me and cutting me down or my best friend Parker intervening I would be dead before I ever had the chance to find my biological family or live a life... Do I forget what happened??? No, but I have forgiven them and they have changed... The girl that used to relentlessly bully me for my weight??? She now helps those who are being bullied for their weight... She turned her life around and is now boosting people confidence rather than tearing them down... She is really good at it too... She apologized to me and while it doesn't change what happen it does change the future... That is what matters... A past doesn't make you who you are but it does shape you into who you will become... You can either accept to go down the bad path or it can change you into a better person... Everyone makes mistakes and everyone including bullies deserve forgiveness... I am not saying it is right but you don't know what some of these "bullies" are going through at home... The girl who bullied me for my weight??? Her father beat her on a regular basis telling her she was fat and would end up like her mother on the streets and a drug addict... Her step mother was her only saving grace... I was only at that school for 5 months but after I left, she was later sent to a private boarding school... Away from her father she began to change... Her best friend there was a very heavy set girl and she would have died for this girl they were so close... So I know that victims of bullies want to keep that hate, hurt and anger because it makes them feel somewhat justified for what they were put through... But not forgiving can harm you as an individual, you might not see it immediately or even in a year but holding grudges does shape you and not in a good way... Besides life is too short to hold onto grudges...
@KellyOConnor 🙌🙌🙌🙌 YES. YES. ILY too ♥♥🙌🙌🙌🙌
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