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For a while, one of my biggest flaws was that I couldn't love myself. I suffer from mental illness and a lot of the time I can't see past my sadness. And during that time, I would sleep all day so I didn't have to experience being alive. I'd think of different ways to, well, just quit everything. I'd ignore phone calls and texts from friends, I'd want to disappear.
And you know what, none of those feelings ever went away. And I don't believe they ever will. But I've learned how to make the best of what I've got handed to me. I don't think I have it down to an exact science. And I'd never say that I am now "okay" or "normal" or "happy" or even that "I got through it and I'm good now and you will be too".
I'd rather just say something like: It never gets easier and it doesn't get better. You just have to learn how to get through whatever is happening in your life in a way that's best for you. I'm not going to tell you how I get through it because I hardly ever do and most days I just wish I was fucking out of here and in a different lifetime. But if you need help you should seek it. And if you want a chorus worth screaming aloud to everyone or no one or just your bedroom walls, read below and click play on the song. And, well, love yourself. No one knows you better than you and there isn't a person alive who can love you the way you can love yourself, I guess.

Notable Lyrics:

I stopped wishing I was dead. Learned to love myself before anyone else, become more than just a burden. I know I'm more than worthy of your time.

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kudos, or mad prop, which ever u prefer. & you're right it doesn't get easier, bec when you think it does, crap hits the fan again & on ur way to the deeper end, again. I got no advice, but how I cope is to go along with the flow of time But on my own pace, bec you're right, we are the only the ones that love ourself Unconditionally, why care of other's pace. 😊 nya! hope I made sense!! & keep trudging forward!!