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If you grew up on Laguna Beach and The Hills then you're probably rather familiar with Lauren Conrad, better known as LC. If that happened to be slightly before your time, maybe you happen to be more familiar with her books on both beauty and fashion.
Whether you're a fan or not, Lauren is a huge name in the world of fashion and for her fans -- you might want to brace yourself before reading any further. If you have ever shopped at Kohl's than you have probably stumbled across Lauren's trendy collection of clothing at least a time or two.
For those who are just now getting hip, LC happens to have an amazing clothing line at Kohls and the Disney inspired line launched today just in time for the new Alice in Wonderland film that is set to release next month.
If you're a fan of either fashion or Alice in Wonderland then you will love this line of clothing. Everything is girly and chic, perfect for the current season. While Lauren has launched several other Disney inspired lines in the past, this one just might be the best one yet. Care to take a gander? Keep scrolling and check it out for yourself.
[to shop the collection, click here]

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I think it's a beautiful line and definitely seems just like her style. I'm glad you like it :) @MyAffairWith
It's pretty!! It's what I'd expect from her line!! I'd definitely buy something from this line we have it here!!!
@jordanhamilton she does. Can't wait to see what else she comes out with.
Yeah, it's a nice collection @MyAffairWith she always does a great job with her clothing lines
@jordanhamilton ^_^ I'm glad I liked it. I was expecting something else when I saw the video.
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