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Omoooo I am so sorry everyone!
I was so busy yesterday that I had no time to make Sunday's card so please forgive me! OTL


Here is Cha Hakyeon Day card!

As a reminder for those who are new to this, the VIXXEN mod squad of VIXX posts about a member each day. Sunday is for Leader N so try to look foward to every Sunday and enjoy his beautifulness.
My previous N-Jumma Day cards can be found here 1 and here 2.

So for this one, I decided to do an imagine on how he would kiss you or show you attention. It won't be big but it'll be SOMETHING haha

How He Would Kiss

Hakyeon is someone who I don’t think would have any problem at all initiating a kiss between the two of you, given there wasn’t people around. I feel like his kisses would be kinda silly (but like in a cute way), like maybe you’re laying down on the sofa and he leans over and kisses you upside down just to laugh at you as you try and twist yourself around without breaking the kiss. Or maybe he just ate some candy he wants you to try; well he’s got the perfect way for you to taste it.
I also feel like he’d be kinda handsy, but like in the way where he’d be like constantly playing with your hands and almost making you two dance together whilst kissing. Either that or he’d wrap both of his arms around your neck so as to block out anything in your peripheral vision should you open your eyes, he wants it to be like only the two of you exist in the entire world.
I also picture him as being a bit of a moaner if things got really heated, but they’d be low and kinda raspy/whispery, just loud enough to let you know that you’re doing something right. *eyebrow wiggle*


So I hope you enjoyed that temperature rising experience. Like I said it was short but I try not to make them too long anyways.
For next Sunday, there may be one about a first date. Hmmmm...who knows? *evil laugh*

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@ChaErica @MaeLyn It's okay. We've all died and became zombies.
Woo...that NBin gif caught me off guard! Your description is scarily accurate to how I imagine things. I think I may need a moment.
@IsoldaPazo @kelseyblair I can personally vouch for her. She was sitting next to me squealing while she was making his
I'm like woah!! Where did that come from? N could make me ♨
This was cute. I love it.
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