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Professionally shot by Estefania Romero, this wedding photograph has be utterly mesmerized! Shot in a field of endless sunflowers, two shots were taken--one of the bride and the other of the groom doing the same exact pose. From there, the two pics were stitched together seamlessly, creating this magical composition!

Can't stop looking at this!

Brides (and grooms), please research and hire a professional photographer for your nuptials. You want fabulous photos of the day to share with others and keep with you forever!
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OMG! this is stunning. I hope I'm this creative when it comes time for my wedding
2 years ago·Reply
Glad you love it! @jordanhamilton I am sure you will be super creative for your wedding.
2 years ago·Reply
why thank you! I'm glad you have faith in me :)
2 years ago·Reply
this is something I'd want to have on a huge canvas in my living room . where everyone can sip coffee and admire it
2 years ago·Reply