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Alright everyone time for the third prompt of the contest and this might be my favorite one!
To enter the contest you have to 1. Be part of the Fairy Tail community The point of this contest is to get more people in the community and hopefully make some new friends! 2. Complete every contest card. There will be cards with questions that you must answer with your own card posted to the Fairy Tail community. They must have the {FTG} label in the title and at least one picture.
Today I want you all to tell me some of your favorite crack ships! If you don't have one... Find one! For those who don't know a crack ship is a romantic pairing between two characters who aren't often put together. Some examples: Natsu x Juvia, Gray x Lucy, Erza x Gajeel. Do you get it?? I hope so I want to see some interesting answers! Ships that will NOT be accepted: Natsu x Lucy, Natsu x Lisanna, Gray x Juvia, Erza x Jellal, Gajeel x Levy, Wendy x Romeo, Elfman x Evergreen Mirajane x Laxus Cana x Laxus Cana x Baachus Zeref x Mavis And there may be more that I missed! If you're not sure if yours fits the category please ask me or any of the mods: The Titania: @AimeBolanos The Salamander: @tylor619cruz The Rookie: @hikaymm Also don't forget to tag me or one of the mods in your cards so we can find them!
My choice for the prompt has to be Nerza! I've always been a hardcore Nerza shipper and always will be! I just think they go better together Natsu x Lucy or Natsu x Lisanna. There was so much potential for this relationship! Imagine if Lissanna didn't come back and Jellal died in the Tower of Heaven arc... Both Natsu and Erza would have lost their childhood sweethearts and could have found each other to replace them. It would have been so perfect!! I've talked about why I love this ship a lot before so if you want to see more about why I like it check out this card:
Also... I've recently enjoyed started enjoying the pairing of Natsu x Juvia. I call the ship name Jutsu haha.
For the original giveaway card you can go here: For yesterday's prompt you can go here: Tagging most participants! If I didn't tag you and you've been entering let me know and I'll add you to the list! @SAMURXAI @TBird @HarukaKaneko @assasingod @OtakuDemon10 @JessicaFerrier @JohnMcCullough @gabemartin @ReinShirai @PASCUASIO @stupidgajeel @qveenknip @TaehyungV Have a great day everyone!
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@TBird You're more than welcome to use anything I put as an example
2 years ago·Reply
@Thatperson512 but but but it's not original
2 years ago·Reply
@TBird Well then put multiple! Plenty have people have had multiple on their cards which is great to see
2 years ago·Reply
nah gendy is good
2 years ago·Reply
bisca x alzack
2 years ago·Reply