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Ch. 7 "Good morning sir." said the front desk receptionist as Bang Si-Hyuk walked into the building. "Good morning. Please remind security and all staff that the new group R.B.D. will be making their first visit to the company and I don't want them to experience anything unpleasant or rude." "Yes sir." He made his way to the practice room to check on the trainees. We were just finishing up breakfast with Christina when our Korean manager Min showed up at the apartment. "How are you ladies all doing? I hope you all have settled in." "Yes we have." "Good. Well I know this is going to be your first day at the company so I got all you ladies a little welcoming present." he set down 8 bags that were labled Samsung and started to hand them out to us. "Wow" I said as I pulled out the latest Galaxy phone models and a pair of wireless Beats headphones. "Thank you so much Min-ssi!" "You really didn't have to." said Christina and she started to mess with hers. "Well it was Hitman's idea. I only did what I was told to do. He said it was a necessity since you ladies are now part of the BigHit family and we will be needing to keep in contact with you." "He has a point." said a very excited Susana. "Well we should get going. They are waiting for your arrival. Here you will need to put these masks on to hide your faces. Hitman does not want you girls to get soo much attention just yet." We all put on the masks and head downstairs to pile into the van. As we got closer to the company, we noticed that there were alot of people waiting outside. "What's going on Min-ssi?" asked Kiara. "Oh some of these people are fans of BTS. They are waiting to get a glimpse of the boys." "Wow. I wonder if we will ever get fans like that." "Just wait till you guys start doing projects and promos with BTS. You may get a little hate or backlash from some of them because of how much time you all will be spending with the boys but that is understandable. I'm telling you this not to scare you, but just to inform you so that you guys will be better prepared." He parked the van and got out. I turned to the girls, "Ok. This is it. From this moment on we are offically K-Pop Idols. Min-ssi is right. We may not be welcomed in their world because we are new and we are foreigners. So for now keep your heads up and close your ears to any negative comments. We can do this! This is our time ladies. Let's go." I get out first and wait for the other girls to follow. As we head inside, we can already hear some of the fans scream and ask who we are. We head inside and are greeted by the receptionist. "Hi may I help you ladies?" "Yes we are the group R.B.D. and we were told that Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk was expecting us." "You're R.B.D.?" asked the receptionist as she looked us over. "Yes. Is there a problem with my girls?" asked Christina. You can tell by the tone of her voice that she was starting to get irritated. "I'm sorry but you are going to have to take a seat and wait. Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk is in a meeting right now." she said as she gives us an ugly look. Great we just started our first day and already we are getting hated on. I thought to myself. Min-ssi had returned and was surprised to find us just sitting in the lobby. "What's going on? Why are you guys just sitting here? The team and Hitman have all assembled and are waiting for you guys." "Well that's easy. That lady at the front desk was being a bitch." said Susana as she jestured to the receptionist. "Susi, watch your mouth." said Christina with a smile. "Excuse me, are you new here?" asked Min-ssi as he turned towards the receptionist. "Yes. My name is Park Jae-eun. I just started today." "I see. Well were you here when Mr. Bang arrived this morning?" "No sir." "So I'm guessing you were not informed that these girls are the newest artists of BigHit Entertainment." The girl could do nothing but stutter. Min-ssi said nothing as he walked past her and motioned for us to follow him. He brought us to the a conference where there was a group of people waiting to meet us. "Well it's about time." said Mr. Bang. "Sorry Hitman. We had a little hold up at the front desk." said Min-ssi. We all walk in and line up in the front. "Oh is that so. Well ladies I'm sorry for that and don't worry. I'll take care of it. But on to more important matters. Ladies I want you to meet your new publicity team, assistants, image specialists and trainers." "Ladies, 1, 2, 3. Hello, nice to meet you. We are R.B.D." we say in unison as we do a small curtsy and remove our masks. We introduce ourselves individually and then everyone got up to take a closer look. They had us stand apart so they could better inspect us. "Well hello there again." said a voice I seemed to recognize. "Morgan? What are you doing here?" "Oh I thought I told you last night. I'm sorry, silly me. I was hired by Hitman to be R.B.D.'s new head stylist." "Oh wow thank you soo much. Please take care of us." I say with a bow. She has me turn around and takes me body measurements. She does the same thing to all the other members. They come up with a "mystery" concept. We will each be linked to one of the members of BTS and they decided that they will only release a limited amount of photos to the public to capture their attention. On top of that, we are to always have our faces covered. They send us into the rehearsal studio to see what we got and to see what we needed work on. Also to determine which member will be chosen for us as our counter-part. We dance to 2 different dance routines, one pop and the other with a little latin flare and sing two songs.
Some where in the middle of us performing BTS had made their appearance to the rehearsal studio as well. "OK ladies. These are your male counter-parts. As we call your name, please step forward. First up is the leader, Glo." Being called first, I was a little nervous. "OK so normally we would have put you with the leader of BTS, Namjoon but we felt the two of you don't really go so well so you will be partnered up Jin instead." Jin steps towards me and hands me my new mask. All the masks that the guys are handing to us were designed specifically by them for us in all their favorite colors. In a way it was like they were marking us as theirs. He walks to stand behind me as he places the mask on my face and ties it. I couldn't help but giggle a little as I think to myself. Is it weird that I feel like a contestant on the Bachelor or something. "Next is Sammie Rae. Your will be with Yoongi." He walks over to Samantha and does the same thing. "Susi you will be with Hoseok. Mary will be with Namjoon. Kimchi is with Jimin. Kit Kat and Jungkook will be a pair and lastly, Yoona and V. The masks are to be used by you ladies when you make public appearances with BTS. When you are not with them, the plain masks will be used. OK everyone, let's take a short break and then we will discuss how we will prepair for their first paired appearance." Everyone leaves so that it is just us and the guys in the rehearsal studio. It was Namjoon that decided to speak first, "So the first thing coming up is the Seoul Music Awards and that will be in 4 months. Jin and Hobi have already come up with an idea for a dance number that will include you ladies. Shall we try a little of it and work out the details?" "Can we change into something a little more comfortable for practicing?" asked Susi. "Sure, we'll wait." answered Hoseok. We spent the next 2 hours learning the choreography to their songs "Beautiful" and "Let Me Know" that they would be performing on a special stage. We added our input to certain moves. "Beautiful" was transformed into a pair dance where the guys would waltz us around the stage and "Let Me Know" turned into this sexy contemporary dance where we were in very close proximity to the guys. There was alot of blushing going on between everyone.
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@LocoForJiyong There is made all the necessary changes and this is the most recent chapter. I had to do some revisions. The next chapter should be up soon though.
man I finally caught up....why isn't there more lol I can't wait till you update again
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