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I made a moodboard version here and decided to share my outfit today. I know it's pretty simple but everyone at work dress really casual. For the date night look, I am replacing the slack with a skirt to match with my hubby's business attire. No shoes pictured because I don't wear them inside the house. Picture taken by Mr. P (I am horrible at taking selfie reflection shots). Day: Zenana Outfitters side pocket tee + White House Black Market black slacks Night: Zenana Outfitters side pocket tee + H navy skirt + statement necklace Shoes: DSW Black Ballet Wedge
That's it. If you want to participate check out @jordanhamilton's card for details!
What a great husband you have! And I've always questioned how fashion bloggers do it as well, but thanks. I will post something soon :)
@jordanhamilton Iol I think I got lucky with this challenge because I woke up early enough before my husband left this house to help me with this. I always wonder, how do fashion bloggers get their pictures taken because it's a lot of work to get multiple full outfit shots. Anyways, I'm looking forward to see your outfit! =)
@jordanhamilton Thank you :) I was actually hesitant to wear a necklace simple because I will be wearing a trench coat in the evening but the necklace adds a fancier touch considering my husband is all dressed up.
I definitely agree that the necklace adds a fancy touch and the trench coat is perfect as well! I need to do mine and post it, as soon as I fid someone to take the pics for me lol
LOVE your fit! they are both right up my alley. simple, chic and cute. I love the necklace for a bit of added detailing