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Zico and Zion.T Filming for a Variety Program Together!

Zico and Zion.T together on a variety program? yass! :D

According to what different sources have told Sports Today on April 25th, two kpop stars will be seen riding together on tvN's 'Taxi.' Of course those two kpop stars happen to be Block B's Zico and Zion.T! Insiders told Sports Today, "Zico and Zion.T participated in the filming for 'Taxi' which took place in the Hongdae area this past April 23." 'Taxi' is about picking up idol stars and they tell stories. link: (Credit to Allkpop) http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/04/zico-and-ziont-seen-filming-for-variety-program-together
We will keep everyone posted on when this episode of 'Taxi' will air! :) This is going to be really interesting and cool to see them together. Are you looking forward to this episode? *Collage made by me :)

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