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Akame Ga Kill- As the name suggests contains a lot of "killing" but not as you would expect. This anime not only kills off its antagonists, but also its protagonists. The show starts off as your stereotypical anime first episode but then takes a sharp turn towards horror street. Without getting into much detail it shows the "main" character's friends being tortured for no other reason than they were poorer than the torturers. In short this anime gets a good rating from me because of its complex plot, character development, and lack of hesitation to kill off main characters. Characters- 9/10 Plot- 8/10 Action- 9/10 Comedy- 8/10 Horror- 4/10
*SPOILERS* Tokyo Ghoul- This anime is probably the best horror/action combination I have seen up to now. It has flawless transitions between horror and action scenes while able to fit some comedy in as well. The main character, a normal human, lives in a world where ghouls run rampant and must feed on humans for nourishment. He one day falls in love with a girl who ends up being a ghoul and then after an accident while she was trying to eat him he is transplanted with her organs turning him into a human/ghoul hybrid which are supposedly stronger than whole ghouls. He ends up being taken in at a ghoul cafe where he is comfortable and is made a special kind of coffee to suspend his urges to eat humans. At the end of the second season he becomes a total bad ass and fights all these try hard ghouls and wins. If you haven't been hooked already I don't know what to tell you. *DISCLAIMER* THE FIRST SEASON IS NOT AS ACTION-PACKED AS THE SECOND SEASON. SO JUST READ A SUMMARY OF THE FIRST IF ALL YOU LIKE IS ACTION. Characters- 9/10 Plot- 8/10 Action- 8/10 Comedy- 7/10 Horror- 7/10
Code Geass- If you have not heard of this anime then you need to go watch it right now. It contains everything a person could want: Mecha Suits, Superpowers, Comedy, and Suspense. It has one of the best plots ever written and a character development that you would not even believe was real. I would give you a brief summary if I wanted to ruin this wonderful anime. This anime is too great to be said in such little words. If you're new to Anime: You have to overlook its older art style and enjoy everything else about it. Characters- 9/10 Plot- 10/10 Action- 8/10 Comedy- 8/10 Suspense- 7/10
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