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Sting x Lucy ...... Actually you don't know how much this ship pissed me off 😂. I didn't realize I hated this couple until I started searching for pictures.
Kick his ass Natsu!!!!
Nerza is actually the ship I really liked. You had the right idea I like this ship too @Thatperson512
Another ship I wouldn't mind Gray x Erza
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good choices man. Yeah I think @Thatperson512 convinced me last night. Nerza just makes sense to me now, especially after reading his card, those comments and really thinking about the Tower of Heaven, the connection they had their was just so genuine and beatiful, it kicks the ass out of anything Nalu or Nali or even all the rest.
what's a crack ship?
I always figured either Nerza or Greyza was gonna happen, until Juvia and then Jelllal... I don't really like Jerza but it's pretty obvious its gonna happen.
Yes! Nerza for the win!! Haha
oh cool thanks
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