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click here to play the game thank you @ashleyemmert for making this game. Alright story time begins...
Junior and I were walking back from getting food. It felt like forever since I spent time with my best friend. we decided to cut through an alley thinking it would be faster....that proved to be wrong.
Youngjae came out of the shadows and was heading our way. why did he look so angry? He looked like he was going to fight...I glanced behind me to see the way we came. I grab juniors hand. "Let's go back" I whispered at that moment there comes a voice from behind. "looks like someone doesn't know when to back off." I turned around to see....
Mark. "mark what are you doing here?" I asked "Junior is over stepping his bounds so it's time to teach him a lesson. Princess you can watch." He walked closer and hit junior. I screamed. what was going on. "Please stop aren't you friends?" "Not if he's going for my princess." "Shes my best friend mark" junior said trying to stand up. "You know how we all feel especially HIM. You look like your just waiting to take her." "Please stop" You plead one more time before Mark and Junior go at it along with youngjae. "Sarah!" I heard but didn't bother to see who it was.
I was being pulled and when I looked it was Jackson. "Jackson stop them please." Tears were rolling down my face. "I can't....I have to protect you." "Jackson." I couldn't stop crying and I was too weak to fight back. After there was some distance from the fighting Jackson stopped and turned towards me. "Sarah I have to confess something to you."
I looked at him just waiting. "I love you Sarah and I just want to be with you all the time." "I'm flattered but Jackson....I love someone else." "who?" He got angry fast "I.... I can't tell you." I started backing away. I knew Jackson would never hurt me but I was still scared of the way he was acting. "That's BS! I need to know who you love If it isn't me! "I'm sorry." "Hey Sarah! " I turned slightly to see....
JB looking fine as hell! "Follow me" He says and starts walking. "um...I..." "Don't follow him....I love you can't you stay..." "Sarah come on." JB said "I'm sorry but I'm going to go." I quickly ran after him to catch up. "Alright you only have a few minutes to get what you need to off your chest." "What are you talking about?" We turned the corner and there he was leaning against a wall. "Go on...tell him before it's too late." I didn't hesitate and ran over to him.
"BamBam!" I said while smiling at him. "Sarah." He smiled "I....I have something to tell you." "What is it?" He pushed himself off the wall and closed the distance between us. "I love you and I have since we first met. I don't know if you feel the same but I needed to tell you." I took a deep breath and waited for his response. He lifted my chin up so I was looking at him. He started to come closer. "I always thought you did." Then he pressed his lips against mine. I was lost in the feeling. He pulled away but when I finally opened my eyes he was gone. I glanced around and only saw JB the way I came and Yugyeom at the other end. Wait yugyeom?
He was pissed for some reason. "Why can't you just love me!" He screamed and grabbed my arm. "Yugyeom stop please" his grip got tighter. "If I can't have you Noone can." I screamed he had pulled out a gun.
JB ran to us and somehow got the gun from Yugyeom. He hit him with the butt of the gun and Yugyeom was out. he hit the ground. "Thanks so much JB" I said finally calming down. "I'm glad I could help." He said checking on Yugyeom to make sure he was still breathing. When he did this Yugyeom sprung up.
I shot up out of bed screaming. "Sarah what's wrong?" I turned to my roommate and realized I had only dreamt about got7. "Sorry I'm fine." "Got7 dream again?" She smiled "Ha you know it but this was an intense one." "Ha ok well hurry up we are going to be late to the meeting." She said and ran out the room. "today we were meeting going to a meeting at JYP. So maybe that's why I was having a dream like that today."
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lol of course its a dream, story of my life πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œ
Oooooh nice you are so creative!
I love how it was a dream at the end!