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Happy 27th Birthday To Our Sweet Angel Kang Daesung (KST) Born April 26.1989 This sweetheart is the heartbeat of Bigbang he keeps its fun and silly and above all sweet.
What I admire most about Daesung is his Willpower and Strength he never let's life keep him down. Thru his fans family and his Big Bang Bros he's overcome some ruff situations and all for the better.
Sweet Daesung You have the voice of an angel when you sing from your heart it brings people to tears and not sad tears but happy tears because we as your fans get to enjoy the thing we love most You and Your voice.
Out of all of the big bang members You have the best Body Always have probably always will and us ladies love seeing them chocolate Abs and that winning smile..
It's your day so we gonna show you lots of extra love our sweet Angel Daesungie
생일 축하 대성! And I wish you many many more!