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I look at myself in the mirror. My right red. "No no no no!!!!!" I smash my hand on the mirror which broke the mirror and the glass shattered. I began to cry, i cant believe that im becoming one of them. Wait... Thise this mean i cant never be with JT?!. My heart brakes. I cant be here. I must leave. Leave away from here and away from JT. I quickly grabbed the black hoddie, and began to leave the house. I also covered my regular eye with my air. So pretty much, the red eye is exposed. As i was close to leaving town, a little red eye girl stops me. "Im hungry" "Umm.. go ask your mommy" "Come with me" She pulls me in and, damn she is strong. Then i enter a yard. And her motjer was there. "Mommy!! Can she eat with us? She help me find my way home" The mother looks at me sketchy. But then she smile. "Come in." I enter. And i see a man tied up in a chair. His eyes covered and his mouth taped. He is pleading for help and crying. My heart dropped. "Please sit. We are about to eat." "No. please. Im fine. I must go" "Its rude to leave when i invited you in" "Sorry" I dont want to be exposed, but this is too much for me. I can't handle it. Then she grabs a knife and grabs a bucket. The little girl grabs the bucket amd stand next to the man. Then the mother stabbed his neck and sliced it across. My heart stopped, but my mouth began to get watery. I grabbed my throat... *No way In hell* The bucket fills up and the mother grabs cups and began to pour blood in. The little girl drank some and then she gave me a cup. I look at it, and i can smell the blood. Smells so good. I couldnt resist. I close my eyes and began to drink it. It drink it all at once, and my throat feels refreshed. Then the mother gasped. I look at her and i saw her eyes wide open. Then i noticed my hair is not covering my other eye. I quickly cover it and put my hood back on. "Sindy, go play outside" "Ok mommy" The little girl left and then the mother grabbed my chin and lift it up. "You must leave now. If anyone see you this way. They will kill you." "What am i" "Your half vampire, but also half human. And red eyes hate those kind. I am just tired of seeing fighting. Please go!!" She took me outside and pointed to the forest. I saw her one last time and i bow of thankfulness!. Then i began to walk towards the forest. Then i saw JT and Ghost. I quickly hide. They was walking closer towards me, and as i try to back up, i stepped on a twick. They both looked at tje direction where im at. Then ghost get's closer towards me. "Dont come closer_!" I cant have JT see me this way, not my best friend. I cant. Then Ghost reconized my voice. "Melissa" Then JT drops to the floor.
whoa wait a minute why is GD there? And omg you can't tease me like that that's so mean😣
You just can't tease me like that!!!!! I must have some more!!!!
@BBxGD omg I can't it's too hard to blame him...😣 stop making my life so hard😣 GD how could you?! ( Sorry GD, blame @BBxGD😅 )
@BBxGD ugh why do you tease me like that?!😣😣😣
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