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Let me tell you that volume 72 is one of the most important in the series this volume explains what happens after the war and introduces Naruto and sasukes kids , Also the other book shows the first adventure of the new generation and mainly focuses on Sadara trying to find sasuke cause she believes that Karin is her mom and not Sakura but they run into some serious trouble along the way ... There both a must read ! - Naruto and the scarlet spring link http://mangayou.com/mangareader/naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage/125667
scarlet spring was so good, and chojis daughter was a funny new character
Read this online a while back... but would also like to get this chapter as a physical copy as well too :(
@simplynick I'm just now able to buy it , Just give it some time and keep checking Amazon for prices that's what I do or Barnes and noble sell manga for low prices compared to the original price