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sooooo for all in chapter 482 "vigor" of fairy tail we see the guy with the historia magic says something that leaves us all like "WAIT.... WHAT?!?!"
yup she is real ladies and gentlemen.....
Come on.... she is totally Erza's mother, l-look at her!! big boobs.... similar face..... I'm pretty sure that is red hair...... "Strongest woman"...... Or maybe....... THEY ARE SISTERS(╯°□°)╯ I don't know but maybe we'll find out next week! So what do you think? Is she Erza's mother, sister, grandma, stepsister? leave it in the comments below!
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@AngelicaAlaniz she has to have some connection to her
@Mikazuki1 excuse me but may I save the spoiler alert picture above?
@CreeTheOtaku I may be late but, go on I don't mind😂😂
Thank you @Mikazuki1 ^^