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I know, I know--this quote is like, EVERYWHERE! I couldn't help it--I needed to share it here on Vingle with everyone.
I follow a lot of different communities on here. And since Vingle is about our passions, our faves, and whatnot, I thought it was important to gently remind EVERYONE on here that we should be absolutely, unapologetically, eyes pointed forward, head held high, FEARLESS in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire!
We need to march forward with our ideas, our passions with conviction and confidence. We need to be better to ourselves, trust ourselves more, and be leaders on our journey--not wandering passersby.
What is ONE THING that you just can't stop thinking about that sets your soul on fire, that if there were no obstacles in your way, you could bring to fruition, right now?
That's great! @szewwy Perfect @samurxai
perfect, gonna use this.
Words I live by 💖💖
yesssssss @Alcides13
Hmm. A rich happy future
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