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For anyone who doesn't really know the members of Ikon very well, but would like too this week everyday I will post a card introducing each member going from Oldest to the Maknae.
Real name : Kim Jinhwan Goes by: Jinhwan Nickname: 13cm fairy, Jinnie Birthday: February 7, 1994 Age: 22 ( oldest in the group) * international age* Position: Vocals Height: 5'4" ( Shortest members in ikon) Moto: What you give you get back. ( Basically Karma)
He has a heart shaped beauty mark on his cheek. He is very emotional and cries easily, but is very reliable and trust worthy. Ikon members look towards him for advice. He was one of the original members along with B.i and Bobby before the other joined Yg. He is also known as the fake Maknae of the group since he is the shortest. He is picked on a lot by the other members only because they love him though.
He has a habit of sticking his tongue out ( which drives fans insane). He is good at foreign language since his mom is a linguistic. According to B.I he is a narcissist. He is very playful.
He is close to all the members. ( Strictly my opinion I think he is closest to Ju-ne, Bobby, and B.I.)
he is so ridiculously pretty. that's how I got my sister to recognize him....my mom too. he's the "ridiculously pretty one"
yay he's pocket size!!!
😂😂😂😂@Sammie99522 u can say that again
@Sammie99522 his tongue sends me to an unholy place😍
@LinnyOk Ikr I never had a thing for them before Jinhwan
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