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So I was being a creep just scrolling through and found this little game by @ashleyemmert. Here's the link. lol It was done as a scenario too and this is how it goes: In this game you are walking down an alleyway with your best friend when the trouble begins...
Oh nice, besties with JB.
My my Bam Bam, very ballsy of you.
Where did he come from?
Because JB left me Youngjae to the rescue ♡-♡
Well Yugyeom, you sure know when to pick the right moment.
I laughed so hard at this one, like seriously Junior..
Buajajaja, and I sure know when to confess at the right moment..smh
Okis so did he mishear me say Youngjae instead of Yugyeom?? lol
Ay JB, so were you just gathering your strength to save me? Guess that's what BFF are for. Some funny results indeed. Tagging my lovely Vingle familia and chingus that may appreciate my results lol. @PrettieeEmm @luna1171 @amobigbang @ChelseaGarcia @MirandaKawahara @ashleyemmert I need more games to do, this was fun.
@IsoldaPazo Alright, thank you!
@TaehyungV sure... Tag me in your results too.
Can I have a link to this???