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Eureka - Eureka 7
Eureka is the main female protagonist; a member of the Gekkostate. She is the pilot of the Nirvash TypeZERO, and sits along side her co-pilot, Renton Thurston, with whom she falls in love and later marries. She is also a Coralian created by the Scub Coral and was meant to gather information on the human population. She starts off in the story as an aloof and emotionless young girl but grows up into a kind, caring, and almost entirely human-like woman - Eureka 7 Wiki
Grimmjow - Bleach
While appearing to be a laid-back individual, Grimmjow possesses a brutal, impulsive, and excessively violent personality alongside a lethally short temper. However, despite his aggression and obvious blood lust in battle, Grimmjow possesses a feral cunning and has a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. In addition, he is blunt, sarcastic and quite sadistic, revealing a psychotic grin or laughing maniacally whenever he becomes excited - Bleach Wiki
Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid
Hatsune Miku, codenamed CV01, was the first Japanese VOCALOID to be both developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.. She was initially released in August 2007 for the VOCALOID2 engine and was the first member of the Character Vocal Series. She was the seventh VOCALOID overall, as well as the second VOCALOID2 vocal released to be released for the engine. Her voice is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita (藤田咲, Fujita Saki). - Vocaloid Wiki
Franky - One Piece
Again, One Piece has the best! Personal bias I guess, but Franky takes the cake as the best blue-haired character imo. Best cyborg ever.
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