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The beehive is buzzing.

Rumors have been swirling for months in regards to a possible divorce happening between the biggest names in the music industry. Nothing was for certain...until now.
Beyoncé didn't leave anything out in her new iconic album "LEMONADE". In a swift shaded throw at presumed husband Jay Z, Beyoncé called out "Becky with the good hair". Did Jay Z have an affair? Who is Becky? Is there a divorce on the horizon? Queen B is remaining silent following the album release but the internet is in a full buzz over the identity of the woman named "Becky". But many are "Becky" the name of an actual person or a code name?
According to Urban Dictionary, "Becky" is defined as : Another name for getting head, getting a blowjob, the act of receiving oral sex.
However, even with Becky being a code name, the woman behind the affair was stupid enough to expose herself. But let's not jump to's what we know:

1. It's definitely not Taylor Swift's mistaken alter ego, "Becky".

2. It's probably (like 99.9%) fashion designer Rachel Roy.

3. Fans need to stop mistaking Rachel Roy for Rachael Ray.

4. Rita Ora is just being mean. But is she connected?

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I think figuring out who it is might take away the point of the album. The album isn't necessarily about 'who,' it's about the woman's journey to get through an emotional blow and come out of it a new person :)