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It was your first outing with your best friend in forever. "Hoseok-ah are you sure you have time to hang out with me?" you asked "Of course! I made sure our schedule was cleared so I can hang out with you" He replied happily with his big smile. You giggle softly as he grabs your and pulls you along. "Come on let's ride some rides!" he smiles happily. You smile at his enthusiasm.
As you and Hoseok are wondering the carnival you run into his group mates. "Hey guys!" you greet them smiling. Your real good friends with them as well. "Hey noona!" they all greet you in return. "You guys decided to come to the carnival as well on your day off?" you asked "We haven't been to one in forever." Jimin whines. You giggle at his tone. "Who wants to go to the haunted house with me?" you asked. They all look down nervously. "Uh well you see...." You see them try to come up with an excuse to not go. "I'll go with you." Jin said a little nervous "You sure Jin-ah?" you asked "Yes" He replied confidently Once you enter the haunted house he immediately hugs on to you. Through out the whole thing Jin was scared but he tried to be manly. Once we exited the haunted house you sat Jin down at a table and give him a cup of water. "Thank you Jin-ah you did great" you smile at him.
"Noona!" Jungkook shouts. You look over at him and smile. "Yes Kookie-ah?" you smile at.him. He looks down blushing. "Uh um can you ride the ferris wheel with me? The other members are riding coasters." he asked "Of course Kookie-ah" you agree smiling. He smiles happily and leads you to the ferris wheel. Once you guys are seated and it starts moving. You notice Kookie is fidgeting. "You ok Kookie-ah?"You asked concerned He looks up at you.amd blushes. "Noona forgive me." he said. The ferris wheel stops at the top and he leans forward and swiftly kisses you. Your eyes widen in surprise and shock. He leans back blushing. "I'm sorry noona forgive me i couldnt help myself" He said looking on the verge of tears. The ferris wheel ride ends and you look at him. "Im sorry Kookie-ah i like someone else." You said.
You spot Namjoon eating some cotton candy. "Hey Namjoon-ah." You greet him. He looks at you a noticed a change. "What's wrong noona?" he asked "Kookie-ah kissed me on the ferris wheel and it confused me." You him "Did he confess first?" he asked "No he just kissed me." You said "Aish I told the boy to confess first." Namjoon said. "You knew?" you asked in disbelief. "Uh yeah he said he really liked you and I told him to confess not kiss." he said. Kookie walks over with his head down and you see tear streaks on his cheeks. "Noona I'm really sorry please don't be mad at me."Kookie said as he lifts his head up your see how bad he feels. Smiling at him. "I forgive you Kookie-ah." You said "Really?" he smiles "Yes" you say. "Hey noona want some of my cotton candy?" Namjoon asked. "Yes" you smile taking a few pieces.
After riding so many rides you all decided to take a break and play some games. You noticed big giant teddy bear it was brown with a bow tie looking fluffy. "Guy's I wanna play the balloon game." You said rushing over. "Hey pretty lady wanna try you luck.?" a carnie asked. "Yes I wanna win the big teddy bear." You said "OK. The object is to throw the darts and pop 5 balloons to win." the carnie said. You nod paying him and grab your darts. "You can do it Noona!" your friend's cheered. You give your best shot but you end up missing them all. You look down sadly. "I want to try." Kookie steps up. He throws the darts and hits all.5 balloons. "Congratulations you won. Pick your prize." carnie said. Kookie looks at you. "Pick one." he said. "Really!?" you asked excited. He nods. You pick.the brown teddy and hugs it close. "Thank you Kookie-ah!" you said "Your welcome" he said blushing.
You were enjoying your time with the boys. Laughing and smiling. "Noona let's take pictures together" Kookie said. The other went to ride more rides. "Sure." You said. Standing next to Kookie you guys each grabbed your phones and started taking pictures together trying different poses. You guys looked at them smiling. "We took some awesome pictures together." You said. " Of course." Kookie grins. You guys find the others knowing time was up.
You look around sadly. "What's wrong noona?" Jin asked. " I wish this day didn't end. I had so much fun with you guys." You said "Awww noona don't be upset." Yoongi said. "We will make.amother day like this just gotta be patient." Taehyung said "Thanks guys." You said and you give them each a hug in return. "I'll walk you home Stef." Hoseok said. "Bye guys" you wave bye to them as you and Hoseok start walking enjoying the warm night air. "Thank you Hoseok-ah for inviting me out. I had a lot of fun." You said. Hoseok looks at you smiling. "Glad you had fun." he said. You reach your house turning around facing him. He looks at you nervously. "Uh um Stef.?" Hoseok said nervously. " Yes?" you look at him confused. " I really like you." Hoseok confesses. You look at him surprised and blushes. "I like you too Hoseok-oppa." You said blushing. "Call me oppa again." he said stepping closers. "Oppa" you said and Hoseok swiftly places his lips on yours and kisses you. You return the kiss. You guys break apart as he places his forehead on yours. "Will you be mine Stef?."He asked. "Yes I will." You reply blushing. "Goodnight Stef." he kisses you one more time and walks away smiling. You go in your house and smile happily. Finally having the man you love with you. @PrincessUnicorn @AimeeH @sherrysahar @helixx
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