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My kpop beginning...
I got into kpop around 2013 when I was 19. I remember one of my best friends showing me a whole bunch of MVs... from B1A4 to Tiny G... but the song that really got me was CNBLUE's song "Love Girl"
Even though Yong Hwa isn't my ultimate bias anymore... this song and mv will always be my favorite. ♡ Whenever it plays on my ipod I sing along to it at the top of my lungs (most of the time,) this song brings back such great memories. Not gonna lie... I totally wish I would have found kpop a lot sooner...
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mine was BigBang
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haha @Namjoonsbutt... i love your user name! 😆😆😁
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bigbang tonite!!!
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mine was big bang's fantastic baby
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