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In my opion i would say that this ship is just plan crack..Now Yes Taurus Loves lucy..and in a perverted way..But the feeling is not mutuel. I Literaly go nuts when its with a celestrial spirit the only one i have been okay with is Loke cause im a proud believer is LoLo.
@Yatosgirl He's introduced later, first in Edolas then his Earthland counterpart. I won't spoil it anymore than that.
@AdamDean WHOS DAN
Is it weird that I used to ship them? Now I ship her with Dan, but there was a time I agreed with this ship.
@AdamDean Ahh...The fillers let me see loke though...Oh well Lol
@Yatosgirl Since the anime progresses faster than the manga, they either need to take a break, or create filer otherwise they'll be ahead of the manga and have nothing to work with, other than said filler. However fans complained a lot about the fairy tail filler (I'm one of the rare few that doesn't mind it) so they opted to take a break, going by a seasonal schedule rather than do filler.
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