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Andrew Luck loves books and has decided to share his passion for reading with others.
The Indianapolis Colts quarterback opened the Andrew Luck Book Club with the launch of a website Monday.
"I've been called the unofficial librarian of the Colts, which is kind of cheesy," Luck said. "But the truth is that I love to read both fiction and nonfiction and I feel strongly about the power of reading. So I thought, 'Why not start a real book club?'"
Luck also delivers a pretty solid breakdown of reading material via his book club. "Rookies," with selections that he loved to read when he was younger, and "Veterans," with choices from his adult life.

Isn't this a great initiative created by Andrew Luck?

Hahaha so cheesy but great at the same time
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Mad cute. Def shows you a different side in football players
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yep... I love my home team
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