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Bts + YoongixReader (Read intro first!) Your group finally makes it to the food court. "Ugh! What did I tell you guys! Now we have to wait in the long lunch lines!" Jin was scolding the young ones, they just laughed at his annoyance. "C'mon, leave them be, lets go get some food, the sooner we get in line, the sooner we'll get our food" said Namjoon as he grabbed Jin by the shoulder and led him to one of the food court restaurants. The other four boys went to go find a table for the whole group and you and Yoongi went to go get pizza. Jin was right, the lines were long, but you and Yoongi were fine, as long as you guys were together. Before to long it was time for you to place your order. You and Yoongi walked up to the cashier who did not look in the mood to be working at this very moment. Yoongi had decided to order for the both of us. He still isn't fluent in English, he only moved to America just recently. So in broken English he placed our order: "Hi, can have two pizza. One pepperoni, one cheese" The cashier rolled her eyes and asked "Can you not speak correctly? And how about saying please? Ugh whatever. That will be $9.50" Yoongi looked at you confused and you could not believe what you just heard. He got out a 10 dollar bill and handed it to the lady and she practically ripped it from his hand. "Excuse me!" You yell out "Yes, excuse you!" The lady yells back "can't you teach your friend proper English and manners?!" You were about ready to explode but before you could even think, Yoongi opened his mouth
Admin: Heeeey~ haha hoped you like this chapter, lol I know it's short af but I'm still experimenting, I don't want to put to much out there all at once, not yet.. Also I put in a little Namjin in the beginning there β€’uβ€’ OH! Also, fun fact, this fanfic is loosely based off of a dream I had a while back. I'm just elaborating more and making it more into a story cx okie dokie, let me know what you thought in the comments. Constructive criticism is appreciated. :-) Again, I'm just beginning to get back into this whole thing lol so anything to make me better <3 ****Also, I know the title is a little risky and out there, but I figured what the heck, why not, and also if people have a BIG problem with it, I can just change it. Okie, bye for now~**** @CrystalGuerra @haniarocioo
ooooo I would have been like "how dare you talk that way b**** asking If I could teach him English no the thing u should think is why didn't my mom teach me manners! don't Chu know who he is now excuse me lets take this out side I'll be yo mama for a minute and sho you how you shoulda been raised no one gon find you after I'm done not even Google so shut your trap put the order in the box you know what that is right or should I speak bitch cuz apparently that's YOUR damn language * hmp!!
oh BTW taggggg!!!
that hoe better be ready cause Suga is gonna give ot to her
Please tag me when ever you update another chapter. This is a really good intro for a story.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
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