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Well, well, well, this is quite the interesting topic. Crack Ships I've never heard of before now, and it kinda breaks down preconceived notions of what we all know and accept as canon and appropriate and it makes you think. Also, there are just so many awesome fan arts out there, imaginative and lovely, some really interesting fan fics and just it gets crazy out there. I spent a lot of time reading up on our moderators views on Natsu and Erza especially and I'm now pretty much sold on that. So far my one and favored crack ship I'm gonna go with them. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because of the Tower of Heaven arc and what they went through together there, how serious and honest Natsu was, how emotionally significant they connected there. Also, the are warriors, they know how to communicate through fighting and challenge each other to be better. They also had potential if Jellal had remained villainous and Lisanna stayed in Edolas, to inspire each other to love and connected through loss. So yeah that's my one main choice. I'll post pics below. I got some honorable mentions that I found interesting or sexy, none of them are like, important or truly something I think should happen in the story. Natsu x Erza yeah I'd love to see that in story but all these others I mention are just for funsies
the first gif, this moment.. seriously beautiful made me cry. It was touching in ways I just can't properly explain. I love the idea of them romantically envolved. Natsu hating Jellal "because you made Erza cry" inspires my hatred for Jellal and how emotional Natsu got about it, how serious he was. How he risked his life to save her, how he always inspires her. It's just, clear as crystal Nerza for life. I'm on board this ship with all my heart.
Freed X Levy. There isn't a lot of fan art, fiction or support for this. I think they work as a BROTP ship more so than romantic. I like the idea though, two rune/letter magic users, they don't have a lot of moments except in terms of a more plutonic connection and I dig that. Also dig the idea of them romantically envolved as well. Not over Gajeel or anything just as funsies.
Freed X Laxus Freed is such a fangirl die hard for Laxus. I mean he's obviously in love with him. They have a lot of sexual tense moments all the time. Lots of fan support and art for this one ;) I dig it.
Lucy X Laxus. This I just find really sexy. They would be a good match too in my opinion. Lots of good fan art out there and I never considered them one time as a ship until doing research into FT crack ships. Laxus would have the maturity to handle Lucy's smarts and just damn they look really good together.
Gray X Ultear. Okay so I lied up top, this one I would actually like to see canon. Yes, over Gruvia (come on haters let's hear it lol). They have a beautiful connection I think, and the moments they had on Tenrou were really poweful, Gray was really honest with her and her with him, she changed her motives really fast after there battle. I mean the long lost daughter of the esteemed master, forgiving and falling in love with the student who struggled with her loss and blames himself for her death, they look so hot together too I mean got damn..less fan art than others but still a lot. I had felt them as a ship during Tenrou and their moments there. So this one I'm on board with like Natsu x Erza.
Cana x Lucy, Levy x Lucy, Cocoa x Lucy Eh no real feelings here accept the sexiness and cool fan art and moments and stuff. Cocoa and Lucy had some sweet moments in the Infinity Clock arc but nothing I care about or anything.
Millianna x Kagura, Millianna x Erza. Again. no feelings just sexy and fun.
Alright guys there ya go, lots of neat images in this one I'd say it's a clipper hope you enjoyed, I'm having a good time I hope all you are too. Tagging mod team: @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos tagging a few people @InVinsybll @NeckoNecko @AdamDean @assasingod @Silverfang @CreeTheOtaku @ebethoven @AshChrimson @ShinigamiSan @BlackoutZJ @n3xt @OtakuDemon10 @tayhar18920 @gambit @gabbycalzada @JessicaFerrier
@OtakuDemon10 I don't mind NaLu but Jerza makes me wanna throw up LOL
Yusss I ship Natsu x Erza too so much more than Natsu x Lucy because it's so beautiful and makes so much more sense to me
I like Gray x Ultear better than Gruvia too
@SAMURXAI For real though, I only officially boarded NaLu in the Grand Magic Games arc. There was a moment... I guess there's a moment where every ship becomes official in someone's mind, so that was my born again NaLu moment, I guess... if any of that made sense. I'm trying to be vague cuz I'd be impressed if you made it there by now
@SAMURXAI oh noez! 😫😱 Don't go to the dark side! They have cookies, but they're all oatmeal raisin!
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