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Since I've been thinking about buying somethings from Colourpop's more recently released colors & collections, I went searching for some haul videos to see what everything looks like!

The spring collection eyeshadows look sooooo great!

From this video, I can see that I would loveeee Belladonna Lily and .... well I kind of love ALL of the eyeshadows that she showed here! Honestly considering buying them all, but I really, really shouldn't, haha!
The purple gel liner also looks AMAZING, but I have purple liners already haha! The Hype Girl lippie color looks right in line with what I'd like, too!
The 3 satin lippies she showed are great too, but I don't love the orange one. I think I'd have to pass on it.

Anyways, this video gave me a shopping list:

- all the eyeshadows
- one of the brow pencils
- one of the gel liners
- one of the lippies!!!

Who else wants to make a big Colourpop purchase?!