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With the season over, the Lakers are ready to shake things up.
Byron Scott will not return to coach the Los Angeles Lakers next season, the team announced late Sunday.
The Lakers were 38-126 record during two seasons. Scott was at the helm during the two worst Lakers seasons in the franchise's 68-year history.
With that being said, Scott wasn't given much to work with in L.A. The team gutted the roster right before his arrival and the best player was an aging Kobe Bryant. How can you assess his coaching ability with the pieces they gave him to work with?
Scott was highly successful during his tenure with the Nets, leading them to two back to back NBA Finals appearances. He did a great job with the New Orleans Hornets.

Was Firing Bryon Scott The Right Move By Lakers?

Nah should've given him a few more years! So the Warriors could keep on pounding dem Lakers
I agree with both of you guys. They should've really given him a chance to rebuild the team
This year was a bit weird for the Lakers with Kobe retiring and all
I think it's hard to tell given the circumstances. I would have given Scott at least one more year