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Kicking off my participation in the give away, is magic. If I could have any magic I'd have to pick Mest's Teleportation Magic. It'd be the most convenient for my life. The idea of teleporting has always fascinated me, I wonder if I would feel a rush from it... or a sense of undefinable power... I want to know.
But if I had to pick a magic to be used in the Fairy Tail world, I'd take Guildarts' Crash Magic. Able to destroy pretty much anything, it's a simple but unstoppable power. They even have to move all of Magnolia out of the way when he comes home. I'd never really have to worry about anything.
I'll upload the other's later today.
@Thatperson512 I'd pick the Kaio-Ken... assuming it didn't destroy my body... but IT is a close second, with the ability to create a wish granting Dragon at third (it would be higher if finding them wasn't so hard)
I love the choice of the teleportation! I get into a lot of conversations about what DBZ powers I'd want and instant transmission is always first on the list