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(Those new to Vingle! Welcome^^. Please click left or right when hovering over the image to flip to the others.) Here are some phrases from Taeyang's most popular songs (dedicated to MoonMinYeon). I added some grammar points to help everyone get a better understanding of Korean grammar. As I said before however, I am also learning. So if I made any mistakes, please feel more than welcome to correct me. I also wrote the timing for the specific phrase in the song for those who want to practice their listening. Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) Card 1 - 넌 나를 잊지마. Card 2 - 죽어도 날 떠나지마. Card 3 - 내 맘을 주고 싶은 사람. Card 4 - 내 말을 듣고 있니? Card 5 - 넌 날 이해해. Card 6 - 난 하늘 넘어 널 향해 소리쳐. Card 7 - 지금 내게 말해줘. Card 8 - 제발 그의 손을 잡지마.
please dont forget me.... actually no please forget about me lol
I catch really simple phrases but I will try to help out as much as I can.
You don't need to put it together like mine at all^^. I think everyone has their own style of sharing their information. Honestly, I think it would be cool if you just posted a quote here in Korean, and we can all decipher it and create discussion to help each other learn. If you happen to come across something good, please feel more than welcome to share :) Even just a simple phrase can help make someone more knowledgable.
definitely, I will try to find dramas that would make it easy to understand. Sometimes they use different words that mean the same thing which makes it a little harder to learn but I will try. Im not sure about putting it together like you did but ill give you the quotes :)
I see! I didn't know! sharing thoughts definitely helps us improve our knowledge in Korean ^_^ 의 is to express possession right? I deduced this from the song "Love of a friend" by U-kiss which is in korean "신구의 사랑". It definitely helps me! I used this method to learn English and improve my accent and it worked so I figured out it'd work also with Korean ^_^ Yes, it's sich a nice way to learn!
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