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It's been 2 months since I've heard from him or seen him. And I've tried calling everyone he knows and every time it's always 'oh I don't know ' or 'he's probably still touring or something'. Some even just act like I don't even exist. I mean If he's still touring how come he hasn't called me about it. It's as if I'm nothing to him and everything we had was a fairy tale that was just apart of my imagination. Before he departed he promised me that he would try to contact me in anyway possible.He kept his promise at first but started to fall short and I feel like he doesn't care anymore . So if he doesn't care , I won't either. I'm in a complicated relationship I guess. Since I still love him cause what we have was like magic he is and always will be loyal and for him being so distant from me is a shocker and I'm not going to lie I miss him-yes , but I'm still mad at him if I ever see him I don't know what I'd do to him. How I would act infront of him--For hurting me like this. It's now April 25, about to make 4 months , and I still haven't heard from him I stopped asking about him and just went on with my daily life. I got ready for work as usual and and grab my keys and lock my door to my flat. On my way to work I stop at my favorite cafe that me Okasian go to. I grab something to eat and head to work. We had a lot of memories here. I eat inside my car since I'm 15 minutes early , as I was eating my muffins and sipping on my frappe I get a phone call. "Hello who is this" I asked "Hello ? ',He coughed, 'hello" By just hearing his voice I knew it was him I start to cry on the phone. "Babe I'm sorry I -" I hang up on him and get into work cause I'm not ready to listen to him plus my boss parked her car right by mines and I'm not trying to get fired she'll ask questions and stuff and I don't want that. My phone blows up with missed calls and texts and they're all from him so I put my phone on silent because once again I'm not trying to get fired. •Time skip• "Good Night Guys " I say to my co workers that have night shift. I leave and and head to my car. I open my car door and suddenly I feel someone's hands cover my mouth. "Mhhhhmmmmhh" I groan as the person removes their hands from my mouth I take a deep breath in and cough. "What the fuck, I couldn't breathe you fucking ass who are you!" I say while turning on the lights. "Aireale" Okasian sighs trying to get my attention. "I'm sorry for not being in contact with you all this time. I shattered N phone and I tried to buy a new phone but there wasn't time." He states getting emotional. "Couldn't you have borrowed One of your friends phone or something." You cry. "No because everyone would always be busy with their schedule and music producing" Okasion states. "Do you think I'm that stupid to believe that excuse Okasian ? Do you know much I've cried ?" I yell at him. " You think I meant for that to happen Aireale ? You think I meant to hurt you , don't you." He scoffed. "I mean why else wouldn't you have found another way to contact me ?" "You know what, I think for the sake of my career and your feelings we should just stop seeing each other." His voice cracking at the last sentence. •Time skip• How could he just leave me like that. I have been crying for days on end now.. I've called out of work at least 4 times now because of this. I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. Not caring how I looked I went to open the door in my big loose boyish t-shirt and shorts. " Okasian what are you doing here?" You said with a puzzled look. "Look Aireale , I came to make things up to you .. I realized that I can't live without you" he said. He kisses me and as time goes by the kiss gets much hotter, both of us starting to grow a stronger need for each other.
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