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Let's crack some ships! For today's card we're all talking about what crack ships do we prefer! There are so many to choose from but I ultimately just picked one and one back up one.
Lucy x Zeref! I think this one would be great! Imagine, Natsu finally realizes his feelings for Lucy only to have Zeref steal her away from him! Oh and the plot thikens! Now wouldn't that be a twist!
Erza x Kagura! Yes I would love it for lots of reasons! They even have their own back story! Kagura showered with the love that her brother never got! There was always the possibility for them!
Out of them all, these two were the ones that appealed most to me, even though there were so many to chose from!! This was a fun one to do! @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @Thatperson512 @AimeBolanos @SAMURXAI @otakudemon @InVinsybll @jessicaferrier
@SAMURXAI never really occurred to me neither until today while I was thinking about a good one to use! @Thatperson512 Right! They two bad ass sexy woman♡♡!
I would love to see some Erza x Kagura they're my two favorite characters and bangin. Lol
way to be OG never considered Zeref x Lucy. I totes did a bit of Kagura x Erza.