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Master Jose. He needs no real introduction, but I'll give him one anyway. A member of the illustrious Ten Wizard Saints alongside Makarov, Jura and God Serena. The Master of the mighty Phantom Lord guild, the only non dark guild to rival Fairy Tail (in their prime). He's also voiced by (In the English Dub... go easy on me... I do both dub and sub.) Ed Baylock, or the voice of Fuhrer King Bradley in Fullmetal Alchemist. He is portrayed incredibly well and you can just love to hate him. I mean look at him!
He also introduced Juvia and Gajeel, the latter of the two also happens to be my favorite character. We get to see the touching moment with Juvia, (she's come a long way) and Natsu's first real tough fight. The conclusion to Natsu and Gajeel's fight still gives me goosebumps. The attacks on Fairy Tail were what ultimately led me to feel like a part of the Fairy Tail family. I was outraged. It gave the first real feel of camaraderie in the show. An entire guild war, the scope was so much greater than the past arcs. I still remember Erza crying to Grey as they retreated. Erza... crying. Let me repeat that... Erza cried. Before the Tower of Heaven arc. That shook me. She was the comically overpowered character. And she cried. Even the guild master was severely wounded... and he had pummeled Natsu effortlessly.
That whole fight scared me... Sure there have been bleaker moments for our heroes, but this was not only the first, but it was the whole guild, not just team Natsu, not just the S Class candidates. There was no one coming to save them. Though Laxus, Gildarts and Mystogan could have helped, I didn't know that.
I also really liked Elfman's transformation in his battle with Sol. It makes me wish Lisanna had stayed dead... she had a better impact on the story then.
And the final fight with Jose and a recovered Makarov literally kept me awake. I finished the arc at one in the morning. It was such a powerful and moving battle, that gave me such a feeling of triumph. The two were evenly matched, trading mocks and insults and philosophy, until finally the conclusion;
I could probably do a whole card on Fairy Law... I just love the simple over-powered attacks, like Fairy Law, All-Fiction, Spirit Bomb, Zero Point Breakthrough etc... And the build-up was perfect, with Makarov unleashing it on the arrogant Jose. That, with the exception of the Fantasia Parade, was my favorite Makarov moment.
So for making one of my favorite arc happen, Jose is probably my favorite non-Fairy Tail character.
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