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So, I've decided to try and do a fanfiction that I will be updating every week! It's my first time honestly setting a writing schedule for myself like this but I hope I can work things out. This particular fanfiction stars me, myself, and I. Why? Because I keep having dreams and daydreams about it and I'm sure it's been at least about a month now, so I need to get this out of my system. I hope I can get some readers to take this journey of my imagination with me. Who knows? I may actually end up doing something special for my readers. ;) Please, enjoy this first clip of the story. It shall be a surprise who exactly is in it, but you can look forward to the YG Family as my co-stars. ♡
The way that it happened would have never been what I guess would have happened. I didn’t expect him to be as aggressive or assertive as he was. I truly never expected him to be so blunt. That wasn't the reason that I couldn't answer him though. My back hit the wall and it was just hard enough to knock some wind out of me. I’d never doubted that he was strong but it felt odd for him to use his strength in that sense. I was even more at a loss as he leaned in close to me, gaze more piercing that I’d ever seen it. “The cameras are gone now, so I want to know the truth. Tell me how you feel about me.” I laughed more out of shock and embarrassment. I mean, suddenly, I was wishing there were cameras around or at least that I had another schedule to attend, but I didn't. I was stuck right where I was. “What makes you think I feel anything for you?” I was quick to cover my mouth. My Korean still wasn't all that fluent and that sentence had become nothing but a mess of what Korean I knew with English filling in the blanks. “I saw the way you looked at me in the studio,” he whispered in clear English. This was becoming yet another moment in my life when I thought someone was standing near with a camera in hand, waiting to tell me that this was all some joke and have them laugh at my reactions. Unfortunately, the hallway was so eerily quiet that just hearing myself swallow at the close proximity had almost startled me. He wanted me for a toy. I knew it. I could feel it. He wanted me to want him, undoubtedly because of how many times I’d denied him getting but so close to me. I had my walls up but he wasn’t afraid to break through them. It was the second month since we’d started filming together. Did he take me for some kind of joke? “Oppa… Don’t you have somewhere to be?” He looked at me, that gaze still trying to cut through me, see through every inch of me. It sent a shiver up my spine and gave me a feeling I could probably never be able to properly put into words. Thankfully though, he leaned away and straightened out his clothes. He wasn't a cold character but he was hard to read. I wasn't going to confess anything, and I wasn't going to lie. Looking away, I could feel myself inhaling deeply as though as I had been holding my breath. It wouldn't have surprised me to find out that I had been. Why did he make me so nervous? We were only filming We Got Married. It was the second month of filming but so much had already happened up to that point. Maybe the show and all its missions were blurring the lines of what I’d always wanted and what I’d begun to want. It was getting scary. I couldn't fall for him, but why did it feel like I was?
It's a very short beginning piece but it's only a taste. Can you guess who one of the stars are? There’s also going to be some other guests but no surprises just yet. Please, look forward to the next part! ♡
@ParkHwaYoung @MaritessSison @Sammie99522 Will do, you guys!! ♡
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