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Death by BTS
I literally DIED after watching this... I hope they do a world tour again @Bikutoria13! We need to see them in concert again! And can I just say.... they look hotter than hell!
Side note: I always feel like I'm cheating on JB and Got7 when I mention BTS... lol Want to be tagged or untagged in future cards? Let me know ;) My Tag Team: @HeichousRegalia @IsoldaPazo @Bikutoria13 @SerenityThao @Tania538 @amandamuska @NydiaEdwards @luna1171
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@TaehyungV right?!?!?!!!?! Tae's Smile killed me! I felt like I got shot right in the heart and then ran over by a semi truck of feels! 😱😱
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@ShailaZaman YES!!!!!! 😭😭
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they look so handsome in the suits I can't 💝
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i literally just watch this on facebook lol
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omg *breath talking * pls tag me in any cards lol❤
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