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Dedicated to: @Saravy @neaa @shoenami Photographer Joel Robison
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@shoenami Oh, poor sis. LOL! It's all @oj1992 's fault! She wasn't supposed to be talking about them, but she's struck with a fever for hot, older Korean men, one in particular. (^_~) Okay, okay! I have a new idea for a HP card, can't wait for @neaa @Saravy to see also!
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@oj1992 ohh God!.. i didn't know you're crazy about them! I have one right in my house!.. lol @YinofYang I wanna see that card too!
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where's the card?????
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@shoenami @neaa Right here, ladies. Please post your ideal schedule. I will too, of course. :D http://www.vingle.net/posts/159567-Harry-Potter-Fans-What-is-Your-Dream-School-Schedule
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patronutz! lol jk
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