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Check out Part Nine here.
Astro - Innocent/First Love Well my friend @MaeLyn recently got me addicted to Astro and this song. It's so beautiful! Thanks MaeLyn for introducing me to the addiction that is Astro! This song was also featured in their drama To Be Continued!
History - Liar I also happened to recently fall in love with History! The whole group kills me with how good looking they are!
DΞΔN - Foreign (Remix) Dean is the bomb, and he kills it in this song!
VIXX - Six Feet Under Added this because VIXX came back and slayed!
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@MaeLyn haha I completely understand!
@ChaErica just that one. Tbh I went on an Hakyeon and Astro binge after I posted that. I wasn't about to kill myself with that sexiness right before I went to bed
No problem. Enjoy that addiction while I play Amazing another 60 times
you already know me!! tag me
Please tag me in this one too!
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