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I love my best friend and all... but we are COMPLETE OPPOSITES! Expecially when it comes to fan fictions!
I personally like darker angst stories... that's just how I roll. while on the other hand... @Bikutoria13 likes herself some fluff stories... Sooo.... Which kind do you like? And do you have any suggestions on stories we should read?
***Random*** Enjoy some throwback music...(I guess this is throwback music? oh well..) and watch my JB shake his Jae Booty! Lmao :'D *Wow... I need sleep...
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@Bikutoria13 haha whatever punk! 😋 and my life is all fluff and rainbows and unicorns... 😑 Lol we just like what we like... our poor pathetic potato lives pushed aside...
Even a good fluff has to have a little bit of angst so that you enjoy the fluffy parts more.
I like both fluff and Angst but my favorite Is smut lol there has to be Smut xD
I like fluff more but angst is good too it just has to pull me in and keep me wanting to read it.