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This is all based on personal opinion.
Laxus & Freed I have nothing against yaoi and I think this ship is cute but I doubt it will ever happen
Gray & Lucy *Sigh* I really dislike this ship, it will never EVER happen "But Mikazuki, there has been so many Gray and Lucy moments." Well I don't care The stripper stays with the stalker and the princess stays with the dragon, THE END!
Erza & Natsu ok now, I know there has been Erza and Natsu moments but I see them more as brother and sister relationship. Also I am a hardcore Jerza and Nalu fan so I completely disagree with this. I didn't like Gray with Lucy but I HATE Natsu with Erza.
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good picks lol. You seemed to not like any of them. was there like any crack ships you do like?
@SAMURXAI I am logical. I see no future, no ship sailing, end of the story. I know, I know, party pooper. But that is just the way I am.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Mikazuki1 well right on. I reckon that makes sense. I have no idea how it'll all come to an end so, imma just believe and see what happenes. besides even if the story doesn't conclude with anyone being with anyone, I can still have my imagined fantasy