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so my dad was talking to me during the week after my surgery and he said "hey Emily I found a kpop show". now before I say this my dad and mom aren't into kpop or have no idea what a Kdrama so I was like "um that a Kdrama". I explain to him what is the differents between Kdrama and kpop anyhoo well he found this show call full house take 2 and I watch it I just fell in love with it so yeah anyhoo here are some picture of the show also there's a video up there i'll explain later why it that video
full house is about these idols that are under U entertainment but this girl name Jang man OK (hwang jung-eum). which the English mean is "man" means full in English while "OK" means house in English. she went to live with her grandpa which he teachs Hapihko or some kind of martial arts idk anyhoo well she took over the business well....she some how ended being a stylist for take 2 with Lee tae ik (no-min woo) and Kang hwi (park ki-woong) that is just a short story about it also I know who to ship now and why think of this! Taeakang is the real ship so the video up there that is just a fanmade video so this drama is what you thing it is! but I just the like the video so pls enjoy! tell me in the comment is there is any mistakes
I love this drama