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“So did Chad have anything interesting to say last night?”
“I didn’t talk to Chad last night,” you mumble around your toast. Lee’s head comes up, “He called right when I was going to sleep.”
You shake your head, “No. You assumed it was Chad, it was a text.”
“From that idol guy?”
You look over at her, “Idol guy has a name thanks. It’s [HN] and yes.”
“Didn’t you say he has a girlfriend? What is she thinking about him texting you late at night?”
“I asked about her, she’d already gone to bed.”
Lee’s eyebrows shoot up, “[YN]. He’s texting you when his girlfriend isn’t around!?!”
“Chill. He confirmed he couldn’t sleep; I’m just a ‘bored’ text person. Someone that just happens to be up at the same time.”
“Can I read the text?”
“Sure,” you say and hand her your phone. “There isn’t anything there scandalous or racy about our conversation. I told you, we’re just friends. If I were in the states, it would be night time for me to text while it’s his morning.”
Lee scans your text and hands your phone back.
“Not quite, he's pretty close to the line there.”
“Harmless flirting – you can’t tell me you’ve never done that.”
She shrugs and goes back to her breakfast,
“So when are you calling Chad?”
Around dinner you place a call to Chad knowing he will have just arrived at work.
“Hey babe, how are you?”
“At work.”
“Oh, sorry are you in the middle of something?”
“Can you call me after work?”
“That will be middle of the night here. I just called to check in, let you know I’m alive.”
“I figured that by your Instagram photos. Lee looks good.”
“Yeah, she says to tell you Hi.”
“Tell her Hi back for me. Listen, I’m really glad you called but I have a meeting in 30 minutes I’m trying to prepare for. I’ll send you an email after okay?”
“Alright. Have a good day. I love you.”
“Love you too, Bye.”
Well, that conversation will go down in history as fascinating. You tell yourself he was just busy, it doesn’t matter that he hasn’t tried to even contact you since you left. Like he said, he saw you posted pictures, he knew you were alright. You put your phone away, refusing to worry about it anymore; he’ll text you later when he has time. You and Lee have plans for dinner at a noodle place around the corner; you’d best hurry or you’ll be late.
The two of you take more selfies; funny, silly ones with the waiters, people on the street and with architecture. You post a collage with a Percy Jackson Quote: “If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.”
You put your phone in your back pocket and try to forget about it. Your conversation with Chad has left you a little depressed and not only has he not texted, there hasn't been an email either. Lee tries to pull you out of your funk and the two of you wander around aimlessly just looking into shop windows and having fun. When you arrive back at the hotel, she plummets onto her bed;
“I’m out, talk to you in the morning.”
After deciding you aren’t that tired you figure a bath and a book might help put you in a better mood. Your phone buzzes just as your water starts turning cold. You glance at the clock, 11 pm, it could be Chad calling on his lunch break. You quickly grab your phone and see that it is a text, not a phone call. Shrugging your shoulders you still open it, he could be texting while eating. It isn't Chad, it's a text from [HN].
[HN]: Go on with what your heart tells you, or you will lose all. I had to look this book up, I like the quotes, I may read it.
YOU: It’s a Young Adult book series, I enjoyed it.
[HN]: Do you think it’s in Korean? It might be easier to understand.
YOU: I’m not sure, you can check the bookstore.
[HN]: Am I disturbing you? Were you asleep?
YOU: No and no.
[HN]: Is something wrong? Would you rather I leave you alone tonight?
YOU: No its okay. Sorry, just kind of in a funk.
[HN]: Funk?
YOU: Sad mood, bleh.
[HN]: Ah and what are you doing for it?
YOU: Not much. Lee tried to cheer me up earlier but she’s in bed so I’m taking a bath.
[HN]: You are in the bath, right now?
YOU: Hold on.
The water is cold, even if this is only going to be a ten minute conversation; you’ll be shivering before it’s over. You climb out and dry off quickly, pulling on your pajama’s you head out to apply lotion while you text.
YOU: Okay, sorry. The water was cold, I needed to get out.
[HN]: Um.. okay. Do you often text while in the bathtub?
YOU: Depends on if someone texts me while I’m bathing. You did the other night also.
[HN]: What? I am sorry, you should have said and I would have stopped.
YOU: Why? I’m not afraid of dropping my phone.
[HN]: A bath is private, should remain so. Now that I know, images I don’t need will come to mind.
You sit there a minute, really? Huh. You never thought it that big a deal; he’s never seen nor will see you naked so how could he imagine anything?
YOU: Your funny and I’m sorry for those images, they can’t be pleasant. I promise not to mention where I am from now on.
[HN]: Why do you say those things? I don’t understand females and what they think their bodies should be.
YOU: Society and other females tell us what our bodies should be. I know I’m not a size 2 or 0 and while I’m not unhappy with my body, I’m not out flaunting it either.
[HN]: All are different, all shapes, all sizes. One should love their shape, make it what they desire. That is in our control, we cannot control how others see us. We should not compare ourselves either, we are not them, they not us.
YOU: Yes sir.
[HN]: All women are beautiful in their own way. Not all ways appeal to every person but that does not mean she is not beautiful. You are a beautiful woman. Your personality glows outwards and gives you confidence. Your confidence at the airport is why I noticed you and assisted you, then recognized.
YOU: You’re awfully sweet. You don’t have to try to build up my self esteem but the try is appreciated.
[HN]: I am sincere, why would I lie to you? Are we not friends now? Do your other friends lie to you?
YOU: You would hope not. But do you ever really know for sure?
[HN]: That is a sad outlook. You need better friends.
You smile and decide he’s suffered enough of your poor attitude for one night.
YOU: It is a funky outlook. I am sorry; I will talk to you another time. Have a good night.
You toss your phone to the side and finish getting ready for bed. Just as you’re drifting off to sleep your phone buzzes. You grumble as you reach over and look at the screen. There is a simple text that reads:
[HN]: Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.
sadly @ElishaFisher age has no bearing on this happens for all of us but I love that you relate!
Something new, fresh and exciting always gets the mind and heart racing. I know how she feels, but damn i wish he was the one i have in mind for this story! hehe! I can still dream can't I?!
so sweet ^_^ lol update soon
my gosh im hooked!!! Trying to catch up as soon as possible
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