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From the site: "The Gordon Dam (also known as Gordon River Dam), is a double curvature arch dam on the Gordon River in Tasmania, Australia. The dam has a length of 192 m (630 ft), and a height of 140 m (459 ft), making it the tallest dam in Tasmania and the fifth-tallest in Australia. Water from the dam drops 183 m (600 ft) underground into its power station, where three turbines of 144 MW generates up to 432 MW of power, covering about 13% of the electricity demand of Tasmania. The first two turbines were commissioned in 1978, before the third was commissioned a decade later in 1988. The power station is fuelled by water from Lake Gordon. Water from Lake Pedder is also drawn into Lake Gordon through the McPartlans Pass Canal. [Source: Wikipedia]" Photography by Noodle Snacks Source [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gordon_Dam.jpg]
@sara1980 I'd love to see this in person someday.
u r too adventurer ;) @ YinofYang hope so
@sara1980 Thank you, Sara. (^^)