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Yay, another day of the Fairy Tail Giveaway. This promt is probably going to be my favorite. We all have our OTP but isn't it fun to play around with other ships once in a while. **warning some mature content ahead and homosexual ships** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! If you don't like it then don't read my card.

Sting x Rogue

What can I say they are almost always together and this ship is just so hot. It gives me nosebleeds I think they are very cute and they belong together

Next up are some honorable mentions

it was hard to choose my favorite crack ship because all of these are so great.

Freed x Laxus

My otp. If you're wondering why my otp didn't end up as #1 I kind of chose randomly. I think they go together because Freed obviously loves and cares for Laxus. He is always very clingy to Laxus.

Natsu x Gray

I love Nalu and all but this ship is just to hot not to like at least a little. I love how Natsu was so sad that edolis Gray didn't strip. It's ok Natsu I wanted to see him naked to.

Erza x Kagura

Now I got to show some appreciation for my yuri ships. I mean yaoi is nice but yuri is pretty hot to.

Flare x Lucy

I shipped them after the magic games. Flare is Lucy's yandere and I kind of like yandere or at least have some respect for them.

And Finally Erza x Cake

I was told this one doesn't count but I wanted to put it on here. Am I the only one that likes this better than Jerza? I mean she is just so protective over her strawberry cake and obviously loves it.
@MandaLin there tagged you, sorry for forgetting. I'll tag you in my next cards
lol I can see the last one happening thou lol
Oh yeah lol. I'm you know, modest or try to be but. I'm also a grown dude in the modern era lol. we all raunchy
@SAMURXAI you should definitely watch Free but after you need to watch 50% Off. I've shown it to so many people and they all laughed really hard. But I have to say that the jokes in it are very suggestive and very adult. But I'm sure you can handle it
@SAMURXAI it's an abridged series of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. The original anime is cool but honestly I like the abridged better (abridged means parody if you didn't know) If you want to watch the abridged then it's on YouTube and made by Octopimp. The original anime is on any cite for anime. Oh and I'm not sure if there's a manga the only manga I've read for it is a doujinshi (fanmade)manga.
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