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(info on monsta x week here!)

I'll be honest, I didn't watch all of Right Now, but the parts I saw were so hilarious.

For my favorite parts, I choose the first scene I ever saw of Monsta X! The awkward elevator date :)

It starts around 37 minutes!

It's just so awkward! Like, what writer thought it was a good idea to put those two together in an inclosed space lol.

Another great one is when Jackson gives them totally random tasks to complete and the result is such a mess:

Who else watched Right Now!?

me ! I loved it! I loved when I.M and shownu when on a date lol so cute and the stinky tofu episode was hilarious
@FuaVang Me too!! @kpopandkimchi I thought they were funny and all really good sports too, even when they had to do those laps around that shopping area like a million times!
@unnieARMkeY he saw food lol I think it was beef or something like that.
omg... I felt secondhand embarrassment for them when they went in the McDonald's TWICE. Like really, Jackson? Why you gotta be a savage all the time? lol
@FuaVang than I completely undestand his reaction! and knowing that only makes it funnier!
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