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It was a gradual thing for me.

I first saw some of them as NO.MERCY in a Mad Clow/Giri Boy/Jooyoung video:

Then I heard "Rush" about a BILLION times and loved it...

and then the rest of Vingle dragged me in with all their posts about these boys *cries*

and here I am, SO FREAKING READY for this comeback.

I heard Hero and my ovaries exploded. So yeah
No Mercy got me involved....and I felt so bad when the different boys were eliminated.
same I saw them in that mv then a little later I saw rush. .... and that was it from that point I became monsta X trash
hmmm.... I feel like I saw them through everything post debut and then after hero I was finally like ok what's with all these abs and then after amen came out I was a complete goner. their voices were heaven and shownu had such a HIGH VOICE?! and then I watched right now an dispatch and yea.....
OMG that NO.MERCY song YOUNG got me like 😥 NeEd JeSuS
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