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I've posted about my #1 foundation before: Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fairly Light! But after checking out @jordanhamilton's card about Foundation, I thought I'd share this one, too!

Introducing: LORAC PoreFection!

This is my number two, though, and I use it probably 25% of the time! I use this when my skin is acting up more than usual, as I find it to be a bit lighter (let's me clear up) and it actually has a slightly fuller coverage in my opinion! I've been wearing it this week after I had a bad cold that wrecked my skin last week, haha!

The After!

(swipe for the before picture~)
This was my favorite foundation until I got the Tarte one, and honestly I love them both but I find myself reaching for the Tarte one more. This one is really liquidy, covers smoothly, and is easy to set. It lasts well & I don't find myself getting oily when I wear it. @TessStevens will be happy to hear that the girl at Ulta actually recommended I DONT get Too Faced's Born This Way foundation bc they're really similar and I wouldn't see much difference, lol!

This is the tarte foundation before / after

And this is the Lorac!!

They're both great, right?! I'm happy to use either of them :)
Tagging a few beauty friends ^^
Very pretty! Both foundations look great on you. It looks like the tarte has more of an olive undertone whereas the lorac has a orange-y red undertone. Nice!!
Wow!! Both are good foundation. However I think I might invest in the Tarte one 馃槀 somehow I love that one more than Lorac even though Lorac is just as good.
I like!
Both foundation looks great! The tarte ones gives you an airbrushed complexion and the Lorac one gives you a healthy complexion!
Would you be willing to test out cheap folk products? I use Hard Candy (you can buy it Wal mart and I think they revamped their formula) Its vegan I believe. Also good for sensitive skin.
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